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I would love to send a huge thank you to Annmarie O'Connor from Iblogfashion who wrote a piece for today's The Sunday Times Style Magazine 

Photographs by Eduardo Macias, Make up by Ivey Sullivan,

 Hannah Corcoran  and Julie Flyn from Morgan.


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Nomenus Quarterly

Dries van Noten

Erik Madigan Heck/Nomenus Quarterly

A few days ago I came across an online magazine which blew me away. It doesn't happen often as magazines are usually constrained by commercial obligations or trying to be edgy with shock factor.

I'm not interested in either so it leaves me usually in limbo when it comes to fashion and photography coverage.

When I started researching, what I thought was, my 'discovery' I couldn't believe I hadn't heard of it before...

Featured in The New York Times and many other publications, this magazine founded in 2007 by an incredibly young and gifted photographer Erik Madigan Heck is available quarterly online and a very limited edition goes to print (10 to 50 copies). 

Many of my silent readers are fairly new to this blogging Universe..(including me)...and may not have experienced it..so if you have a few minutes to spare ... indulge yourself in this wonderful magazine...Nomenus Quarterly

There are treasures in the archive...including beautiful illustrations of Giambatista Valli's work by Catherine Stuart .. ( this is probably my favourite)

For a full interview with Erik Madigan Heck go to Coolhunting

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Cecil Beaton

Lillian Gish

"Never in the history of fashion has so little material been raised so high to reveal so much that needs to be covered so badly. "


Photograph of Lillian Gish by Cecil Beaton

Courtesy of  Noh Way

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Glendalough with Peter Evers




Photographs by Peter Evers

Stylist Aisling Farinella

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My greatest pleasure… watching the masters at work

I wish I could hear him too....


Photograph originally posted by my vintage vogue

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If I could travel in time…Tim Walker at the Design Museum


Tim walkers story

Tim walker story board


1. Tim Walker at the Design Museum. Photograph originally posted by Dezeen
2.Tim Walker Sketch book, originally uploaded by lolaCrayola.
3.Photograph taken at the Tim Walker Exhibiton, Design Museum, London, 2008 Originally uploaded by Fish Bear
4.British Vogue 2007, Origanally posted by Dezeen

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Killeen Shoot

Alchemist: Eddie Shanahan Photography : Patrick McHugh Make Up: Ivey Sullivan

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