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The first Spring Summer Collection, 5 years ago….

Eilis boyle 2006 small

HPIM2030-final small

HPIM2161-final small

HPIM2181-final small 
2006 cropped 

HPIM2288-final-3 small

This was the first Spring Summer I did 5 years ago.

 It feels equally as long as it does recent.

If you haven't seen or heard of the girl in the pictures you will soon...; )


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Infamous 2 stone dress

Design development, from idea to finish... 18 months
30 meters of silk
Embroidery...six weeks
To stitch garment...one week
and the wonderful Chloe Arnold modelling it!
The dress is returning from a very exciting trip to the southern hemisphere!

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Black and white



_MG_6765 modifiedsmall copy

_MG_6775 small

_MG_6846 small 


I would love to send a huge thank you to Annmarie O'Connor from Iblogfashion who wrote a piece for today's The Sunday Times Style Magazine 

Photographs by Eduardo Macias, Make up by Ivey Sullivan,

 Hannah Corcoran  and Julie Flyn from Morgan.


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The Life of Yarn

When I moved back to  Ireland in 2001, I was determined to learn local craft traditions.

In my quest, I discovered that my Aunt Patricia had a 30 year old knitting machine, which miraculously survived Kerry's seaside humid and salty air.

She kindly gave me the tattered machine and my other half patiently cleaned and repaired each tiny piece, making the machine work again....and has been, continuously, since...


This weekend I gave it it's last job for 2009


using wonderful Italian cashmere

knitting and hand linking

Close up_MG_7526 

the last accessories of the year

...made by 'yours truly' and her, almost 40year old, knitting machine



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Glendalough with Peter Evers




Photographs by Peter Evers

Stylist Aisling Farinella

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Killeen Shoot

Alchemist: Eddie Shanahan Photography : Patrick McHugh Make Up: Ivey Sullivan

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