John Rocha
 I couldn't have a journal about what inspires me without mentioning, who I think, is Ireland's leading designer John Rocha.

There are many reasons why I believe he deserves this title.

First and foremost is for his unique visual sensibility.

The second reason is for his commitment to stay true to his aesthetics whilst creating a remarkable business.

And, thirdly because he has achieved great success, despite staying in Ireland (a challenge which only those who are in this industry, in this country, will understand).

Personally I celebrate other people's achievements, even more, when those who succeed are generous and kind.

I admire John and his wife Odette. They have always been wonderfully warm and encouraging in our occasional encounters, which I wish were more frequent.

He once said in a speech.... "if I can do it, anyone can....even if it takes you 25 years"...

Thank you for sketching a path for other Irish designers to follow...

John Rocha has a wonderful shop on Dover Street, London