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  Photograph by Lili Roze which I discovered at beautiful blog Abundance



The world burst out
Of its own maps
And gods changed their names
People talked till Babylon fell
While my heart grew
Into a bitter rose
That bled for you.
I handed you that flower
We did not feast on its perfume together.
It was given to me
By the winged master of Muses
To celebrate a most terrible union
That is called seperation
And is red torment to the
Hundreth power
That is purest and blackest of all

Judith Mok

(poem sent to me  by an angel)

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Illustrations by Gustave Dore





  Images from Sur La Lune Fairytales 

Illustrations by Gustave Doré

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Olive Broderick shortlisted for The Hennessy Literary Awards




This is a poem about a moon

that was visible one clear day

in December: three quarters visible -

buttermilk against delphinium -

as framed in a pane of this window:

and a sequence of airplanes

with short contrails, swimming

through the blue, in its direction,

particularly the first seemed sure

to merge with the stationary orb –

but missed it by what looked like

little more that a millimetre.


Olive Broderick


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Eugenio Recuenco – Fairy Tales

This is one of my favourite shoots of all time.
Fairy tales and fashion...what a wonderful combination
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I think; therefore I am.


Dame Edith Sitwell

I love being asked questions, they make me think...and I love thinking...sometimes caught off guarded, I usually spend weeks responding to them in my head. I wake up at night debating on my own... 

I'm frequently asked questions about design, the industry and views on life...these are some recently and frequently asked questions.

I would love to hear your opinion on these...and if you have anything you would like to discuss let me know...

1.What inspires you as a designer? 

Everything and anything..music, film, fabric, colour, people...and if you follow this blog you will find many treasures that take my breath away and instigate the creative instinct

2. Is there anybody you would love to design for? Who would be your ideal client?

I dream of designing costumes for a ballet or dance company.  I would also love to work in film...maybe with Jane Campion or  Tim Burton???

If I could be in anybody's shoes at the moment it would probably be in Karl Lagerfeld's. I would like to experience the endless possibilities he has to develop collections with no budget restrictions and all those marvelous ateliers at his service

Ideal customer? That is a very difficult question, I have many ideal customers already who understand and share my point of view in terms of design, quality and integrity.

3.What is your opinion on the ethical fashion movement?

As Vanessa Friedman quoted..."it is a matter of common sense". Unfortunately I do not believe in the institutionalisation of the Ethical Fashion Movement. I think the public should be informed and educated in this matter but  I fear many use this as a marketing gimmick and public have become misinformed on the fundamental intentions of ethical fashion..

I experienced this first hand when a women came into our shop in Dublin and mentioned she wanted a 'Fair Trade' piece for an event. The irony is.. What is more fair trade than buying directly from the person who has designed or made the piece? In this case profit distribution is beneficial to producer, designer and client. Carbon footprint is minimal as pieces are made locally, locally sourced fabric etc etc.. she insisted that the products in our shop weren't fair trade because we didn't have swing tags by an approved organisation.

There is an interesting video on the Luxury Channel called Going Green: the Future of Luxury

I will talk about this issue in depth sometime in the future...

4. How do you think social media has affected the fashion industry?

It has had a huge impact. Most companies recognise it has become an essential part of the communication strategy. It brings the brand closer to the customer and it has also broken down barriers and degrees of separation. 

5. What are some of your favourite fashion blogs/websites?

Diane Pernet'sShaded view on Fashion. Before I even knew the concept of a blog I became a loyal follower of this dark and alternative view on the fashion industry. It was the first place I saw Gareth Pugh.

The Luxury Chronicles serious and intelligent stories which Helene feeds us daily

Style Rookie 14 year old Tavi's blog, I do love it. She reminds me of a younger version of myself. Her judgement sometimes is quite profound for someone her age

Limi Feu's blog, I'm obsessed with Japan so to be able to see how things are in Japan from someone in the industry is wonderful

Style Saloniste, Diane Dorrans Saeks wonderful wonderful wonderful blog...(more style than fashion... absolutely inspiring)

Innewyorkparistomorrow, Blog by a fashion pioneer. Her blog is varied and poetic. Secrets stories of the past, she has many yet to confess. 

6. Who is your favourite journalist?

I like Cathy Horn and Colin McDowell

7. How do you think the death of Alexander McQueen will affect the fashion industry?

Sadly I think the impact is more personal than on an industry level.

We have lost all the wonderful future collection and shows he would have done had he stayed on...We have lost one of  fashion's greatest entertainers.

But history has proven that someone will appear... hopefully sooner than later... and will sweep us all off our feet, as McQueen did season after season

8. Where do you source the materials of your collection?

Many places, Italy, France, UK and India

9. Are you influenced by other designers?

Technically.. no. But growing up in Spain and with an interest in fashion, those designers who I looked up to in terms of style and philosophy are still part of how I work and who I am so these would be of some influence in 'matter' more than in 'form'.

Balenciaga, Sybilla, Isabel Berz..and the list does go on...

10. Where do you shop and what do you look for in a garment?

Paris, one of my favourite places on this planet. I buy very very very little and if I do I will wear it until it falls apart, so durability and timelessness are important. My purchases are driven more by my love affair with the piece than if it will or will not suit me...

11. What are you working on at the moment?

I'm working on a small resort collection for my customers in the US and also on the AW1o Exclusive Collection 

12. What advice would you give to this years NYFDA's finalists?

Get as much experience as you can. 

Ask questions, listen and watch. Absorb knowledge..learn learn learn

Keep in touch with your peers and keep building up contacts through the years.. it's a small industry and it helps to know as many people as possible..

If you decide to set up your own company..be true to yourself, be professional, keep your feet on the ground and work with integrity. It is hard to repair bad reputation so don't build your brand around a false image.

Treat everyone with respect, those who assist you now could be in a different position a few years down the line...and nobody is impressed by 'divaish' behaviour

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Marchesa Luisa Casati

Marchesa Luisa Casati

'But her alchemy was much more complex, producing many other marvels. By what fire did she transmute the substance of her life into beauties of such moving power?

She demonstrated how true it is that all enchantment is a madness induced with art.

But what was the real essence of this creature?

Was she aware of her continuous metamorphosis, or was she impenetrable to herself, excluded from her own mystery?'

Gabriele D'Annunzio

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The Soul

Aurthur rackman 

 'The soul has greater need of the ideal than of the real'

Victor Hugo


Illustration by Arthur Rackham

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All I want for 2010 is time

Eilisboyle_AW 3_small


'Time is a brisk wind, for each hour it brings something new...

but who can understand and measure its sharp breath,

 its mystery and its design?'




Photograph by Eduardo Macias. Clothes by Yours Truly 

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English Women


As I start the year working on a new online trove...The Silent Gallery...where my collection will be sharing space with treasures and inspiration..

 On the 31st of December the postman delivered an incredible brown paper wrapped package, it included a first edition of Edith Sitwell’s book English Women. 

Mrs siddons 

Mrs. Siddons by Sir Thomas Lawrence


This tiny hardback has a pencil written note inside saying:


 ' Joan,

 with love,


 XMas 1943


This little treasure briefly depicts the life of brilliant and beautiful English women from Emily Bronte to Florence Nightingale 

I anticipate many of their stories will be shared in this space  soon......


Ellen terry 2

Dame Ellen Terry by George Frederic Watts

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Musing on muses


Abbie Cornish as Fanny Brawne, John Keats muse, in Brighstar




  1. Greek Mythology. Any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, each of whom presided over a different art or science.
  2. muse

    1. A guiding spirit.
    2. A source of inspiration.
  3. muse A poet.