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  Photograph by Lili Roze which I discovered at beautiful blog Abundance



The world burst out
Of its own maps
And gods changed their names
People talked till Babylon fell
While my heart grew
Into a bitter rose
That bled for you.
I handed you that flower
We did not feast on its perfume together.
It was given to me
By the winged master of Muses
To celebrate a most terrible union
That is called seperation
And is red torment to the
Hundreth power
That is purest and blackest of all

Judith Mok

(poem sent to me  by an angel)

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Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgois

Via Art Tattler


My mother was a restorer, she repaired broken things. I don't do that. I destroy things. I cannot go the straight line. I must destroy, rebuild, destroy again. My rhythm is not the same. My mother moved in a straight line: I go from one extreme to the other.

Louise Bourgeois

December 25, 1911 – May 31, 2010






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Mark Karl Hughes


Mark Karl Hughes




Words cannot express the excitement of discovering Mark's work.

I hope he gets a GREAT publishing deal so I can buy a dozen copies and wallpaper my studio with his wonderful illustrations.

 If there are any Rizzoli executives following these pages,

 please hear my plea!

To see more of his work click over to his blog

Jaccuse Illustrations

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Music for the mind

Rita Levi Montalcini, who I've mentioned here before, and who is one of my greatest inspirations, shared an article by the Dana Foundation regarding music and its healing qualities. If in any way this subject interests you I would recomend reading it on their site DANA

Music by Italian composer Ezio Bosso

 Performance by Boston Conservatory

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Expression of fabric

 Rogier 1
Rogier van der Weyden


Have a wonderful weekend!

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The Soul

Aurthur rackman 

 'The soul has greater need of the ideal than of the real'

Victor Hugo


Illustration by Arthur Rackham

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‘The Haunted Wood’

The haunted small


"There is a border-land between the grave and the gay, the tragic and the comic, as between the sublime and ridiculous, in which Mr. Pettie is as much at home as when he confines himself to the domain of the more purely dramatic. He generally , however , shows a relish for the sensational, and the picture we engrave  from the Winter Exhibition at the French Gallery is a happy and amusing example of somewhat special faculty, as well as a good specimen of the artist's clever  and facile execution. No painter conceives a subject like  this better than Mr. Pettie.' 

The haunted 2 small

The Illustrated London News Jan 20, 1872

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A Visual Feast

Yesterday, with heroic efforts (due to the adverse arctic weather conditions) Mr Postman delivered another breathtaking book. 

Lillian B 1

Lillian Bassman: Women by Deborah Solomon has now officially been taken off my never ending wish list on Amazon. 

I was relatively familiar with her work. But to have so many of her masterpieces collected in one astonishing book, is simply a visual feast and a 'must have' for anyone who appreciates fashion photography at its best.

My heart rate has increased considerably since its arrival.

Let the images speak for themselves... 

Lillian b2 Lillian b3

Lillian b6