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What came in the post…

A few months ago I received a phone call about a journalist from Japan who would like to interview me. A couple of days later we met for afternoon tea at  The Westbury and talked for hours. Today I received in the post the newspaper with the article, plus a 'thank you' post it!
I'm often asked why I am so enchanted by Japan, and after going through the obvious aesthetics passions. There is something about their manners and mind that equally mesmerises me.
The interview was a very deep conversation about cultural differences and how the environment one works in has a reflection on ones work, we compared Spanish design to Irish design, we talked politics, economics  and the industry.
Mr. Kanno's English was really good, and although he had a translator, we managed to understand each other fairly well.... our disccussions were profound and complex.
It is very rare that subjects of fashion interviews are about the bigger picture and seem to be more about what top suits what body shape or what celebrities wear your clothes.
I wish to thank him so much for the interview, for publishing part of it and also for sending me the newspaper!
P.S. I have not scanned the article because I'm too shy to share the 'Yoda'  look a like photograph he took of me..; )

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Madeleine Gallay
April 21, 2010 at 2:39 pm

well, ms. yoda, hope you share the whole thing and soon …

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May 3, 2010 at 4:02 am

oh please scan it!
i rank japan up there very high as well for being a powerful influence. sad but beautiful, i’ve heard the culture described as. my favorite stores in ny are 45rpm and the kinokuniya bookshop (plus abc carpet&home).
i purchased a book about “boro” – japanese rags. utterly inspiring.
it is a wonderful thing that the admiration goes both ways and they interviewed you! congratulations.

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