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Waving Good Bye


It's official, my dear dear friend Helen James is moving to New York, I'm too sad to write about my personal loss, but as part of a greater creative community I'm very worried that so many are leaving, we lost Tim Ryan a few years ago, we lost Helen Cody and now Helen James...God only knows how many more will leave. I know of another top Irish designer who has emigration on the cards...

What message does this send to younger generations??.. That there certainly is no hope to be in this business whilst staying in this country? Paul Costello, John Rocha, Sharon Wauchob, Orla Keily...all work permanently or have some temporary base abroad.

Is this the only solution? Will we all have to leave? 

Even though I'm an eternal optimist and I love Ireland...specially this time of the year..I wouldn't blink twice if the opportunity arose..

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Lisa Dora
May 12, 2010 at 12:45 pm

I can’t help feeling a little sad when i read this post and helen’s, even though her post was beaming with optimism and new hope. As you say when it boils down there is a feeling of huge loss that all the talent is forced else where as it is so hard to sustain a business here.

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Ros Duke
May 12, 2010 at 10:23 pm

Hey, its been like this for YEARS Eilis…. Francis McDonagh advised me to leave Dublin in 1998… There is very little support or industry here for a budding fashionista to really get any decent range of experience or inspiration needed. You’ve got to go where the work is and there is very little here, we are just too close to London, and also a seem to have the attitude of the younger more insecure sister when it comes to fashion… hence the huge amount and success of imported high street stores and on it goes…

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