November 5, 2009 - Comments Off on The birth of a new collection – a new year resolution….

The birth of a new collection – a new year resolution….

A Woman Sewing In An Interior
Vilhelm Hammershoi A Woman Sewing In An Interior

Having announced to the Universe  on several occasions in the past few weeks my intention to start the next collection, which will be my 10th, I can confirm the process has officially started today.


Usually visual research would be my starting point, not so much  in terms of clothes and fashion but rather in atmospheres. I try to develop a collection with a feeling or a mood rather that a literal concept. 
Simultaneously fabric swatches start surging from boxes and drawers and the collection starts somehow to spontaneously evolve.
As I struggle with the industry standard to deliver two to six collections a year, I am trying to work my way around this by doing one ongoing collection. This has been a dream since I started 5 years ago.

I am determined to make 2010 the year I DO what I WANT and not what I SHOULD. 

Updates on developements to follow....

Vilhelm hammershoi a girl from behind 1884 
Vilhelm Hammershoi 1884

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