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Wailing Banshees

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Italian Woman by Alfred Palmer

As another anniversary looms on the horizon, and many of my friends reach or have reached four decades, the subject of ageing and doing it gracefully is more frequent in conversations now than ever before.

In certain circles the horrifying words Botox and surgery haunt the air as wailing banshees.

For someone who was dreadfully defined as Generation X and more recently as a 'Kidult', I couldn't imagine taking part in such an outrageous circus.

What ever happened to our respect for ageing and admiration for wisdom?

Fortunately I have been surrounded by beautiful ageing woman, including my Grandmother Carmen whose childlike eyes sparkled through her million wrinkles. I only aspire to follow her example and reach 90 with a face that whispers a thousand stories and with the spirit of an 8 year old............


'With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come'
William Shakespeare

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