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April 13, 2010 - 4 comments

Writers, cross dressers and neon pink brogues

I'm not sure how one thing leads to another. I've wanted to do a post about  admired women, past and present who cross dress in style.

I wrote a title for the post and saved it in my drafts in November. Since then I have debated on how to do these women justice on this blog. I  prefer impulse writing and was starting to get paranoid that I was elaborating on it too much.

 The events of the last couple of days have lead to this.......

Last week my wonderful friends at Hennessy sent me an invitation to their Literary Awards on the 20th. 

Hennessy invite

That same day I ran into a cafe on the second floor of a children's department store, and came across an identical pair of shoes which I had bought in the same place two or three years earlier and was wearing,  even though they were falling apart


Posting on  Twitter and Facebook my delight about finding the 'little lads' shoes, I was subjected to public inquisition and 'teasing' about my taste in boys  attire.


Shoes 2


Considering I'm 5ft and barely a size 3, choice of shoes, in Ireland is quite limited...and yes.... I admit to the universe... I love men's clothes and the written word....!

So if that makes me a 'BlueStockingcross dresser be it.  ; )

And in true bluestocking style,

Pob by pob

POB by POB, styling by Mark and yours truly. 

I will be sharing over the next few days some of the shortlisted's work.

January 3, 2010 - 8 comments

Who, when and why?? Another rant about my wonderful fashion world..

I could use all my fingers and most of my toes to count the years I've worked in the fashion industry. 

My mother reminds me of events in the past that only confirm that it was a path I was destined to follow. (At the age of three I teared a dress off because it wasn't to my liking)...stubborn and determined..not much has changed..

Fur coat on beach alfredeisenstaedt
 Alfred Eisenstaedt

I have written before about my incompatability and disagreement with many of the industry's manners and games. 

There is a basic logistical issue which I simply can't get my head around and have debated with many as to who, when and why did the season deliveries become a reflection of the lack of commonsense that my industry seems to operate by...

Last year one of my Japanese buyers asked for a Winter delivery in May!

I wasn't surprised as it just seemed like the next step in the ladder,  and in this business... the higher you go up the retail end, the earlier the delivery should be....even though you end up delivering 100% handknitted cashmere to New York in June.

Since August, I have become a retailer myself so for the first time I can experience and act on what it is pe0ple want...

Today is the 3rd of January, it's snowing and probably -3 degrees Celsius (26 Fahrenheit). I anticipate I will not sell a bikini in the shop until April..and what is flying out the door??...knitwear, coats and anything waterproof or thermal...

If I follow the industry standard I should be 'in sale' when the consumer requires my product the most... and I should be holding Spring Summer stock since the end of November....absurd absurd absurd..

I think for too many years the industry has been bullied by  financial advisers and bankers with their computer charts and excel sheets  instead of following the customer's real wants and needs... 

Commonsense and fashion may not go hand in hand but I am determined to continue my 'war dance' through this circus and just hope the gods will listen.....