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March 5, 2010 - Comments Off on The best news this week!

The best news this week!

Tim walker 3 

Today I learnt that the incredible visual storyteller/photographer

Tim Walker is working on his first film 'The Lost Explorer' based on a story by Patrick McGrath. 

It promises to be a visual delight


To read the news click on Vogue


Have a wonderful weekend!

February 26, 2010 - 3 comments

The wonderful Tilda

Tilda pringle

If there is anyone in the realm of contemporary acting  that intrigues and inspires me it would be Tilda Swinton.

 I can't wait to be in her presence this Sunday

Will be back on Monday, have a lovely weekend.

February 24, 2010 - 3 comments

La Danse


Every year Ireland hosts the Jameson Dublin Film Festival. It is such a great opportunity to see films that  are very new, very old or that commercially don't make it on to our regular movie screens.

Last week I went to see the Irish film One Houndred Morningsdirected by Conor Hogan, with a wonderful cast including Kelly Campbell, Ciarán McMenamin, Alex Reid, Rory Keenan and Paul Ronan .  I left the cinema wanting a career change.....and that doesn't happen to often, but making movies, specially as  beautiful and unpretentious as this one, is such a temptation.

Next weekend I will be seeing a film I never thought would make it here but when I saw the festival's schedule I rushed to book tickets.

I'm not sure where or when was the first time I heard about La Danse, but being one of my true 'loves' I spent weeks researching where it was being screened, no where near Ireland until now....this is a unique opportunity to spend 158 minutes in ballet heaven.

To see the trailer of La Danse go to Film Forum

February 18, 2010 - 5 comments

The red carpet calls


Today I received an email asking for a few 'gunnas'* for the next red carpet event. As if I didn't have any lovely pieces I could easily send today. I have decided to embark myself in a 38 hour frenzy ,making a few pieces I think would be much nicer for the wonderful candidate.

There is nothing better than an impossible deadline to get one's life back in track...specially after a week or so living in limbo....

In anticipation of a couple of sleepless nights and overdosing in chocolate and coffee...I wish you all a wonderful weekend  !


*gunnas snatched from the POB dictionary

January 8, 2010 - 2 comments

Think Colour

This season is the celebration of my 10th collection.

So much has happened and it does make one look back at the past 5 years.

 It is time to start planning what one should do looking forward. Specially now that the fashion world has experienced a  couple of whirlwind seasons and no one really knows what the future holds. However the uncertainty of this business is partly why I find this industry so fascinating. I'm always up for a challenge.

The first season  I ever did was Winter 2005. It was a distinctively colourful winter collection, there was not a single thread of black used. Those who have known my work since couldn't even imagine what I was up to then...

Ten seasons later the whole collection is black.  Is it a sign of the time or have I truly found my visual identity?

I hope neither of the above.  

For sometime I have decided to confront my ever growing fear for using colour. And considering colour probably sells 10 to 1 one over black or grey  in the shops, it is finally time to take action.

This is the mood in the studio today...I will keep you posted..