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April 22, 2010 - 7 comments

Infamous 2 stone dress

Design development, from idea to finish... 18 months
30 meters of silk
Embroidery...six weeks
To stitch week
and the wonderful Chloe Arnold modelling it!
The dress is returning from a very exciting trip to the southern hemisphere!

April 21, 2010 - 2 comments

What came in the post…

A few months ago I received a phone call about a journalist from Japan who would like to interview me. A couple of days later we met for afternoon tea at  The Westbury and talked for hours. Today I received in the post the newspaper with the article, plus a 'thank you' post it!
I'm often asked why I am so enchanted by Japan, and after going through the obvious aesthetics passions. There is something about their manners and mind that equally mesmerises me.
The interview was a very deep conversation about cultural differences and how the environment one works in has a reflection on ones work, we compared Spanish design to Irish design, we talked politics, economics  and the industry.
Mr. Kanno's English was really good, and although he had a translator, we managed to understand each other fairly well.... our disccussions were profound and complex.
It is very rare that subjects of fashion interviews are about the bigger picture and seem to be more about what top suits what body shape or what celebrities wear your clothes.
I wish to thank him so much for the interview, for publishing part of it and also for sending me the newspaper!
P.S. I have not scanned the article because I'm too shy to share the 'Yoda'  look a like photograph he took of me..; )

April 16, 2010 - 4 comments

Heart Skips a Beat in Ireland


I was recently asked by a  twitter friend, what I thought made a good show? As anything regarding taste, it so so  relative.

Personally I detest shows that are load, in volume and in visual effects. I'm not sure if it's something local, as I've never experienced this type of show abroad, but in Ireland, too frequently, the show seems to be more about the visual effects and sponsors than about the clothes.

That is the first no no for me. A show should be about the clothes. FULL STOP. 

The second show I'm rescuing  from my memory archives... was in Ireland. Another incredibly talented designer, and certainly one of my favourites, Helen Cody, put on a show that left me enchanted for years.. I still get excited thinking about it.

In an abandoned building on the South Quays of Dublin's Docklands she delighted us with an event that could have been as memorable had it been in London or Paris.

The location, the music and above all the clothes left the audience breathhless. And for those of us in the industry...well... we left with hope and illusion that wonderful shows can be done in this country.....

Here are a few images of the collection she showed, taken in the venue by photographer Matthew Thompson









April 15, 2010 - Comments Off on When your heart skips a beat…the fashion shows I’ll never forget

When your heart skips a beat…the fashion shows I’ll never forget

Drawn to the fashion circus like a magnet at a very young age, when I moved to Madrid as a late teenager I volunteered backstage at it's Fashion Week for many seasons.

I have been to a fair share of shows in my lifetime and have mentioned a couple in this blog which have had a considerable imapct in my life and have stayed very relevant in my memory, here and here...

There are a few shows however, which keep appearing in my thoughts when I look back at the past few years in fashion. Some which I spirit...and the others... in person.

The first show I'd like to share with you happened in October 2004.  I was at a waiting lounge at Charles de Gaulle airport, returning to Dublin from my first trip to Paris Fashion Week  as an independent designer. I crossed eyes with a very young silver haired girl who by the looks had obviously been in the city for the same purpose. She was a buyer for a great boutique in Belfast called the Bureau.

The evening before she had been to fashion show by one of my favourite designers, Dries van Noten. The very short hour flight back was hardly enough for her to describe the extraordinary efforts  Dries' team had made to put on the show for his 50th collection. Her excitement was so contagious it was if I had been part of it myself.

Apparently, 500 guests were summoned at certain location and then driven in buses to a distant factory/warehouse outside of Paris. They walked into the empty warehouse and all they could see were huge chandeliers hanging from the cieling. As they got closer they realized there was a long long long table set for dinner. After the '250 waiter choreographed dinner' was severed, the chandeliers were raised and the table turned into a catwalk .

Deservingly, it was the most talked about show that season and many seasons later you can still over hear people talking about it during fashion week.

Here are a few of the images... and a link to my Facebook page were I've shared a video

Dries 1


Dries 2

Dries 4

Dries 3




Do check out the video linked on the Silent Storyteller on Facebook 



April 13, 2010 - 1 comment.

Olive Broderick shortlisted for The Hennessy Literary Awards




This is a poem about a moon

that was visible one clear day

in December: three quarters visible -

buttermilk against delphinium -

as framed in a pane of this window:

and a sequence of airplanes

with short contrails, swimming

through the blue, in its direction,

particularly the first seemed sure

to merge with the stationary orb –

but missed it by what looked like

little more that a millimetre.


Olive Broderick


April 13, 2010 - 4 comments

Writers, cross dressers and neon pink brogues

I'm not sure how one thing leads to another. I've wanted to do a post about  admired women, past and present who cross dress in style.

I wrote a title for the post and saved it in my drafts in November. Since then I have debated on how to do these women justice on this blog. I  prefer impulse writing and was starting to get paranoid that I was elaborating on it too much.

 The events of the last couple of days have lead to this.......

Last week my wonderful friends at Hennessy sent me an invitation to their Literary Awards on the 20th. 

Hennessy invite

That same day I ran into a cafe on the second floor of a children's department store, and came across an identical pair of shoes which I had bought in the same place two or three years earlier and was wearing,  even though they were falling apart


Posting on  Twitter and Facebook my delight about finding the 'little lads' shoes, I was subjected to public inquisition and 'teasing' about my taste in boys  attire.


Shoes 2


Considering I'm 5ft and barely a size 3, choice of shoes, in Ireland is quite limited...and yes.... I admit to the universe... I love men's clothes and the written word....!

So if that makes me a 'BlueStockingcross dresser be it.  ; )

And in true bluestocking style,

Pob by pob

POB by POB, styling by Mark and yours truly. 

I will be sharing over the next few days some of the shortlisted's work.

April 11, 2010 - 5 comments

Black and white



_MG_6765 modifiedsmall copy

_MG_6775 small

_MG_6846 small 


I would love to send a huge thank you to Annmarie O'Connor from Iblogfashion who wrote a piece for today's The Sunday Times Style Magazine 

Photographs by Eduardo Macias, Make up by Ivey Sullivan,

 Hannah Corcoran  and Julie Flyn from Morgan.


April 8, 2010 - 2 comments

Mark Karl Hughes


Mark Karl Hughes




Words cannot express the excitement of discovering Mark's work.

I hope he gets a GREAT publishing deal so I can buy a dozen copies and wallpaper my studio with his wonderful illustrations.

 If there are any Rizzoli executives following these pages,

 please hear my plea!

To see more of his work click over to his blog

Jaccuse Illustrations