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February 27, 2010 - 12 comments


Debora T 2

Next month my 10th collection will be presented. The initial research and inspiration started during Paris Fashion Week, October 2008 on a regular visit to 120 year old Parisian shop Fried Freres.

Their back room is filled from floor to ceiling in old dark wood shelves overflowing with sequins and beads in every colour and shape imaginable. I left an hour later with empty pockets and bags filled with sequins. I immediately started to feed the subconsious with new ideas

A year and half later the concept has turned into reality, and a 10 piece collection to celebrate 10 seasons is in the making.

As with every collection I'm quite nervous and very excited.

Image Deborah Turbeville

February 26, 2010 - 3 comments

The wonderful Tilda

Tilda pringle

If there is anyone in the realm of contemporary acting  that intrigues and inspires me it would be Tilda Swinton.

 I can't wait to be in her presence this Sunday

Will be back on Monday, have a lovely weekend.

February 24, 2010 - 3 comments

La Danse


Every year Ireland hosts the Jameson Dublin Film Festival. It is such a great opportunity to see films that  are very new, very old or that commercially don't make it on to our regular movie screens.

Last week I went to see the Irish film One Houndred Morningsdirected by Conor Hogan, with a wonderful cast including Kelly Campbell, Ciarán McMenamin, Alex Reid, Rory Keenan and Paul Ronan .  I left the cinema wanting a career change.....and that doesn't happen to often, but making movies, specially as  beautiful and unpretentious as this one, is such a temptation.

Next weekend I will be seeing a film I never thought would make it here but when I saw the festival's schedule I rushed to book tickets.

I'm not sure where or when was the first time I heard about La Danse, but being one of my true 'loves' I spent weeks researching where it was being screened, no where near Ireland until now....this is a unique opportunity to spend 158 minutes in ballet heaven.

To see the trailer of La Danse go to Film Forum

February 22, 2010 - 3 comments

Technology, new media and fashion



 We are half way through London Fashion Week and there has been a change in the industry.

 It was only last season that Alexander McQueenwas breaking boundaries with his online live streamed show. Fast forward 5 months and LFW have been live steaming several shows a day.

I must confess I was initially slightly sceptical, but I'm now convinced there is no looking back .

Pleasantly surprised by the quality, visually and sound, of the shows online.

Not the same is to be said by the whole tweeting business, but what can one expect from 140 character text. Apart from very few (and this will be part of the natural selection process and filtering of those who have something new to offer and those who don't) Very little interesting information is given through tweets. And certainly nothing regarding the clothes they are seeing. The constant name dropping of irrelevant people that are seated or queuing in front of other people.... honestly who cares....?

But I'm incredibly excited at how the new media channels are impacting our industry, the changes are occurring fast and I have a feeling it is bringing the designer closer to the consumer, which ultimately will benefit everyone

February 18, 2010 - 5 comments

The red carpet calls


Today I received an email asking for a few 'gunnas'* for the next red carpet event. As if I didn't have any lovely pieces I could easily send today. I have decided to embark myself in a 38 hour frenzy ,making a few pieces I think would be much nicer for the wonderful candidate.

There is nothing better than an impossible deadline to get one's life back in track...specially after a week or so living in limbo....

In anticipation of a couple of sleepless nights and overdosing in chocolate and coffee...I wish you all a wonderful weekend  !


*gunnas snatched from the POB dictionary

February 16, 2010 - 4 comments


Dior dog 
LouiseDahlWolfe Photograph by Louise Dahl-Wolfe



What a terrible week.

There is no hiding my sentiment, and I have bored you all about this already, regarding the passing of McQueen. I'm not sure why I have been so affected by it, but losing a dear friend several years ago in the exact same manner has brought up ghosts of the past which have to be dealt with.

It's as if someone has ripped my heart out and turned my brain into mushy peas. I can't think and the headache is permanent

Travelling to London the day after the news, and it was miserably cold and wet, didn't help escape the moment. He was on the cover of every single paper, on the news on the Express train to Paddington and every conversation I over heard was talking about him.

I did go from fabric shop to fabric shop listening to personal stories of a young and determined McQueen, breathless, running around looking for fabrics. It was meaningful to be in London that day. And although sad I'm glad I was there

On a complete different note, yesterday, as I walked the dog, a wonderful 6 or 7 month old boxer puppy came out of nowhere and joined us for a couple of hours of play.

When it was time to go I didn't have the heart to leave her behind in the park, on her own. Incredibly thin she jumped into my car and we drove her to the vet to check her micro chip...the bad news is some irresponsible owner had not fulfilled their duties of doing this . Leaving me with this adorable dog and no where to find her owner.

I printed posters, drove around and went to the same park several times. No sign of owner.

She stayed the night, but I live in a tiny apartment and all I can say is that no one slept well last night.

This morning I drove her to the pound. I cried the 40 minute journey there and the 40 minute journey back. If I had a garden I would have kept her.

I would like to scream at her owner  for not being responsible enough to microchip her. I wouldn't be so upset and the poor dog wouldn't be freezing out in the cold now.

To end this moan on a lighter turns out I will be going to Paris after all...